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Unique Ways to Include Family in Your Wedding



Unique Ways to Include Family in Your Wedding

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Whether you’re super close to your family and want them to be part of your wedding or you feel slightly obligated to include them, we can help. While it can feel overwhelming trying to coordinate who does what and when and make sure nobody feels left out, there are ways to do it. You just have to get strategic. If you are struggling to find ways to include family in your wedding, consider these ideas!

Ask Someone Whether or Not They Want to Be Included 

There are likely some family members that have openly expressed their desire to be included in your wedding in some way or another. There are probably others who haven’t mentioned anything. Nevertheless, you suspect they want to be included (because you heard it through the grapevine) or you want them to have a more active role because they mean so much to you. Either way, it’s good to ask first before planning for someone to participate.

How to Include Family in Your Wedding by Relationship

Each family member is unique, and not everyone has the same relationship with their parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. So feel free to take these ideas for how to include family in your wedding by relationship and apply them to the relationships that make the most sense to you.

How to Include Your Mom in Your Wedding?

If you’re looking for ways to include your mother in your wedding, here are some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas:

1. Have Your Mom Walk You Down the Aisle (too)

Even if your dad is available to walk you down the aisle, it doesn’t mean your mom can’t join! This is one way to make her feel very special. And if your dad isn’t in the picture, let mom take the traditional place and give you away.

2. Wear a Keepsake from Her Wedding

Some brides choose to wear their mom’s wedding dress as a way to include her in the wedding. However, if her dress isn’t quite your style, there are still ways to include it in your attire. For example, you can have a piece of her gown sown into yours or wear her veil rather than her entire wedding dress. 

3. Have a Mother-Daughter Dance

Another non-traditional idea is to have a mother-daughter dance. Traditionally, weddings include father-daughter dances and mother-son dances, but nobody says you can’t have a special dance with your mom, too. Rather than a slow dance, consider choreographing a fun routine together! 

How to Include Your Dad in Your Wedding?

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1. Make the Traditional a Little More Interesting

Your dad walking you down the aisle and a father-daughter dance are traditional wedding elements. But you can spruce them up a little. Ever heard of a father-son dance? Again, we encourage you to have some fun with it and put together a dance routine that shows off his personality. Or, consider letting your dad pick the song for your father-daughter dance.

2. Ask Him to Speak at Your Ceremony or Reception

Better yet, have him officiate it! Anyone can get ordained to officiate a wedding. If your dad has steller speaking skills (and can hold back the tears for at least 30 minutes), consider having him be the one to marry you. 

3. Have a First Look with Your Dad

Having a first look with your husband or wife-to-be is pretty common. But there’s nothing that says you can give others a first look, too! To make this moment even more special, be sure it is photographed, so you can both look back on the special moment for years to come.

How to Include Step-Parents in Your Wedding?

Finding ways to include family in your wedding doesn’t just apply to the traditional family members. If you have a step-mom, step-dad, or both that you are close with, you may want them to be involved too. Now, this can get a little tricky, especially if you are close to both your parents and your step-parents, however, it can be done.

How to Include Your Step-Mom in Your Wedding

A special way to include your step-mom in your wedding is to ask her to help you get ready. This way, she is one of the first people to see you all done up and can be involved in making sure you feel perfect on your wedding day. Be sure to have your wedding photographer snap some photos! 

How to Include Your Step-Dad in Your Wedding

While it’s typically the dad’s responsibility to walk the bride down the aisle, you can have your dad and step-dad take turns. For example, if you have a long way to walk, ask your step-dad to walk you from your bridal suite to the start of the aisle, and ask your dad to walk you from the start of the aisle to the altar. This way, they both get to be part of giving you away. 

How to Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding?

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Whether you have actual siblings, step-siblings, or other family members that are practically siblings (like your cousins), here are a few fun ways to include them in your wedding. 

1. Ask Them to Be in Your Wedding Party (maybe even your best man or maid of honor!)

Having your siblings in your wedding party is a special way to include them in your wedding. If you are super close with them, you may consider asking them to do the honors of being your best man or maid of honor. However, if you have multiple siblings this can get tricky. In that case, we’d suggest either having multiple or no best man or maid of honor so nobody feels left out. 

2. Ask Them to Officiate Your Wedding Ceremony  

Your siblings are another great family member to ask to officiate your wedding. This is especially fun if they also know your fiancé well. This way, your wedding ceremony can be super personalized and unique to your actual love story!

3. Have Younger Siblings be the Flower Girl or Boy and/or Ring Bearer 

Because these roles are traditionally reserved for younger wedding participants, it is a great way to include young siblings or other young family members you want to include in your wedding. 

How to Include Your Grandparents in Your Wedding?

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents still able to attend your wedding, there are a few key ways to include them in the festivities. 

1. Make Them Feel Like VIP by Walking Down the Aisle

Ask them to walk down the aisle–or have another family member escort them down–to show your respect and appreciation for them being there. 

2. Make Sure They Have a Place to Sit Right Up Front

Once they make it down the aisle, make sure they have easily accessible chairs right up front so they don’t miss a thing. 

3. Make Sure They are Available for Family Photos

Wedding photos are a great way to include your family in your special day, so make sure your grandparents are ready when it’s time for their pictures. You will love having these memories to look back on and maybe even show grandkids of your own one day.

More Ways to Include Family in Your Wedding

From toasts and speeches to thank you cards and gifts to photo opts and special dances, there are so many ways to include family in your wedding. Looking for more ideas? We can help! At Antonia Baker Experience, our minds are filled with creative ideas to make sure your wedding is a success and everyone feels included. Contact us today to learn more about planning your wedding with us by your side!

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Unique Ways to Include Family in Your Wedding