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8 Ways to Ensure a Spectacular Wedding Guest Experience



8 Ways to Ensure a Spectacular Wedding Guest Experience

Wedding Guest Experience, Wedding Party, Wedding Reception

Yes, your wedding is your big day. It should be fun, stress-free, and memorable in all the best ways. However, it is equally important that the wedding guest experience be spectacular, too. Your friends and family are coming from all over to celebrate with you, and we want them to have an amazing time. From the moment they receive your Save The Date card in the mail to when they shop your gift registry to when they make it to the venue on your wedding day, there are things you can do to ensure they have a great experience. Discover 8 ways to ensure your wedding guests have a darn good time at your wedding (that are beneficial for you, too!). 

1. Make Sure Your Wedding Details are Crystal Clear 

From your Save The Date card to your formal wedding invitations, it is important to provide detailed information about your wedding plans. First, you want to (of course) include the basics, such as the date and time of your wedding. You should also include a response card with a pre-stamped and addressed mailing envelope so they can mail the card back at no cost to them.

Other things to incorporate that improve the wedding guest experience are itinerary cards, so guests can plan for the weekend events, a list of accommodation options, so guests know where to stay, along with directions to and from the venue. The last thing you want is Aunt Betty getting lost and missing the ceremony!

Expert Advice: Include your wedding website URL on your Save The Date cards and formal invitations so guests know where to go to stay up to date on all things wedding. 

2. Create a Wedding Website and Update It Regularly

While not every couple chooses to have a wedding website, we definitely recommend it, especially now with COVID constantly changing wedding plans. A wedding website is beneficial for the wedding guest experience and for you! 

Your guests can easily hop on your wedding website and find any event updates or search your registries to find you the perfect gift. Plus, if they misplace their wedding invitation, they can access all of the same information online. 

This is also extremely beneficial for you. Rather than having to individually call your wedding guests to update them on any changes in the plan or schedule, you can simply update your wedding website. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and allow you to focus on the more fun aspects of planning your most special day. Just be sure you keep your wedding website up to date so everyone has the latest information. 

Expert Advice: Ask someone from your wedding party or a family member to be the keeper of your wedding website, so you don’t have to update it yourself but can be confident it is getting done.

Wedding Guest Experience, Wedding Party, Wedding Reception

3. Provide Options on Your Gift Registry

Whether you inform guests of your gift registry options on your invitation or wedding website, it is important to give them options. This means choosing multiple stores for your guests to purchase from that range in price. This improves the wedding guest experience because people can choose a gift that is comfortably within their budget. Nobody will feel obligated to spend a certain amount, but the option for higher-priced items is there for those who are able. 

Expert Advice: Choose a wedding registry that allows for multiple guests to “go-in” on the same item. This is a sure way to receive those large ticket price items without asking one person to pay for the entire thing themselves. 

4. Schedule Transportation To/From Hotel Accommodations

If you reserve a room block for your wedding guests or suggest a local hotel for them to stay, schedule transportation to and from the hotel to your wedding venue when possible. This is especially important for older guests who may not be comfortable driving late at night once the celebrations are over. Additionally, if your wedding venue has limited parking, guest transportation is essential. 

Expert Advice: Ask your wedding planner about the best ways to schedule transportation for wedding guests that won’t cost you too much money. They can help you negotiate with the hotels. 

Wedding Guest Experience, Wedding Party, Wedding Reception

5. Speaking of Accommodations, Help Your Guests Plan Theirs

You can ensure a great wedding guest experience by suggesting local accommodations, even if you don’t reserve a room block. Because you know the area where you’re getting married, share the best and most affordable accommodations around. From hotels to Airbnb homes to vacation rentals, help your guests plan their weekend by giving details and directions from various accommodations to your wedding venue. 

Expert Advice: You can also share some of your favorite restaurants or coffee shops, shopping areas, or local attractions in the area. This gives your guests ideas of things to do leading up to and after your wedding day and is especially nice for out-of-town guests. 

6. Have a Welcome Party Bash 

What better way to start the wedding celebrations than with a welcome party bash? A wedding welcome party often takes place the day or night before the wedding. It is more casual than your wedding reception and gives friends and family who don’t know each other a chance to meet and get comfortable before the wedding day. Plus, it is a great excuse to extend your wedding beyond one day. 

Expert Advice: Give your welcome party bash a fun theme, like a BBQ with a food truck serving the best-pulled pork sandwiches around. 

7. Consider the Conditions of Your Ceremony 

To ensure a spectacular wedding guest experience, take into consideration the conditions of your ceremony. Then let your guests know what those are. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding in the middle of Summer, look up the temperature and let your guests know what to expect so they can dress accordingly. Also, consider having small hand-fans or umbrellas available for your guests as a way to keep cool.

Expert Advice: This is the perfect type of information to include on your wedding website. It helps ensure your guests have an even better time at your wedding. 

8. Reach Out to Your Guests at the Reception

If you have a large wedding, it can be hard to find the time to individually thank each and every guest for coming. But you can give a heartfelt thank you speech where you share how grateful you are for everyone taking the time to celebrate with you. This is important for your guests to hear and it improves the wedding guest experience. Then, if you know certain guests had to travel far and wide to make it, consider giving them some one-on-one time. 

Expert Advice: For a more intimate wedding experience, consider a micro wedding! With a smaller guest list, you have more than enough time to spend memorable moments with all of your wedding guests. 

Ensure A Spectacular Wedding Guest Experience with Antonia Baker Experience

At Antonia Baker Experience, we know the wedding guest experience is vital to an amazing and memorable wedding. We want you and all of your guests to have fun leading up to and on your wedding day. There are little things we can help you plan that ensure your guests feel excited and well-informed from the first invite they receive until they are seeing you and your partner off into married life. Let’s talk today about your wedding plans and how we can make it the best day of your life… and a memorable one for your guests, too!

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8 Ways to Ensure a Spectacular Wedding Guest Experience