Outdated wedding traditions, wedding planner, wedding planning, wedding design, traditions

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7 Outdated Wedding Traditions and How to Revamp Them



7 Outdated Wedding Traditions and How to Revamp Them

Outdated wedding traditions, wedding planner, wedding planning, wedding design, traditions

I love a good traditional wedding. The big ballroom or gorgeous church setting… the bride walking down the aisle in a big white ballgown with her father by her side… the toasts, the cake, the bubbles to blow at the end of the night as you send the happy couple off… it’s all beautiful. BUT traditional weddings are not for every couple. Whether you are a modern bride, a family-oriented groom, or a same-sex couple, there are some outdated wedding traditions it’s time to revamp (or ditch altogether). Check out our ideas for how to spruce up outdated wedding traditions so your wedding is perfect for you.

Outdated Wedding Tradition #1: The Bride Wearing a Long White Dress

If you don’t feel your best in a long white dress, that’s ok! Revamp this wedding tradition by wearing whatever you want. Seriously, it’s your wedding so anything goes. This isn’t just true for the bride but for the groom, too! Go for colorful, casual, edgy, cultural, or comfortable. From a bright-colored tux to a white or ivory jumpsuit to a short dress you can comfortably dance the night away in, don’t feel confined to the traditional white wedding dress. BUT go for it if you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle feeling like a pure princess. 

While we’re on the topic of wedding attire, feel free to ditch the tradition of matching bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxes too. Mix and match, go crazy, let your bridal party pick their own outfits (that is, if you trust their style-sense).

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Outdated Wedding Tradition #2: The Father Giving Away the Bride

If you have a close relationship with your father and all you’ve ever wanted since you were a child was for him to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day, do it. It is a special moment for those with a strong bond. However, if your dad isn’t around or you aren’t close to him, don’t feel obligated to ask him to do the honors. Revamp this wedding tradition by asking someone else who you are close to, like your mom or older brother. Or, simply walk down the aisle yourself. The stage is yours, and you can have anyone you want by your side.

Speaking of walking down the aisle… a quick note that you don’t have to start the rest of your life with your husband or wife with Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” playing in the background. In the spirit of ditching outdated wedding traditions, walk down the aisle to whatever song you want. 

Outdated Wedding Tradition #3: Guys on One Side, Gals on the Other

The idea that a bride only has female friends and a groom only has male friends is a thing of the past. If you have friends from any and every gender, don’t feel obligated to have them stand on a certain side of the wedding party just because. Revamp this wedding tradition by having your close friends stand by you regardless of their gender. Or, mix it up altogether, and rather than having bridesmaids and groomsmen, just have a wedding party. Have your friends stand in any order you want. The most important thing is they are up there with you as you make the most important decision of your life. 

And while we’re on the topic of picking sides, consider letting your guests sit wherever they want rather than having a side for the bride and a side for the groom.

Outdated Wedding Tradition #4: Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Yes, we agree–it is so cute to see the little ones walking down the aisle together. But the fact of the matter is that you might not have young siblings you want to be part of your wedding. The average couple is 32 years old when they get married, so you might not have any young ones to fill these roles. Revamp this wedding tradition by getting rid of it altogether. Or, if you really want the flowers tossed about the aisle, ask someone else to do it, like your grandmother. Really, anyone can be the flower person and ring bearer if you want. 

Outdated Wedding Tradition #5: Bouquet and Garter Toss

Tradition has it that whoever catches the bouquet is worthy of love and whoever catches the garter is the next one to get married. If you don’t want to single out your single friends with these activities, it’s ok to skip them altogether. Or, revamp this wedding tradition by instead celebrating the married couples. Have your DJ do a dance contest where, in the end, the couple who has been married the longest gets your bouquet as a gift. 

Outdated Wedding Tradition #6: Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances

I think you probably know where I’m going with this outdated wedding tradition… dance with whoever you want! Seriously, there’s no reason for the groom to feel bad because his mom isn’t there to dance with him or the bride’s father didn’t attend. If you still want to have special dances, revamp this wedding tradition and pick the family member you are closest with, who supports your marriage the most, and ask them to do the honors of having a special dance.

Outdated Wedding Tradition #7: Cutting the Cake

Or having a cake at all! If you don’t like cake or want a more budget-friendly dessert option, revamp this wedding tradition and have a donut wall or a dessert station instead. If you do like the idea of cutting a cake with your spouse but don’t want a big fancy one, have one small cake for you to cut and then a bunch of cupcakes for all of your guests to enjoy! 

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Your wedding should accurately represent your love story. When you think back to your special day or look at your beautiful wedding photos, you should see a perfect wedding that included everything you wanted and nothing you didn’t. At Antonia Baker Experience, that is our goal. We help our couples make the most of their wedding budget by ditching outdated wedding traditions that don’t work for them and prioritizing the most important things. Learn more about how we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams here.

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7 Outdated Wedding Traditions and How to Revamp Them